Letting go, simplifying and shrinking life into a carry on suitcase, with Angie Cole

Season #1

Next up is Angie Cole, Masterful Coach and Creator of Untaming the Wild, the place for gritty, come hell and high-water humans, determined to create work that keeps them lit up and well paid Angie is on my speeddial list of folks I turn to first when life gets messy.

She is insightful, compassionate and a fierce advocate for the life you get to create. We talk about living nomadically, simplifying our lives, trusting ourselves more and about her remarkable feat of whittling down her stuff to only what she could fit into a carry on. Learn to let go in this powerful conversation.


Angie Cole is a force of nature -- soft and subtle, fierce and unstoppable. She is a coach and mentor for Responsible Renegades and Rebellious Rule-Followers. Her clients and students would tell you she’s one part genius, one part priestess, and 100% truth-teller. Blending a strategic and intuitive approach, Angie’s work inhabits the places where life and work intersect.

She can help you crunch the numbers while uncovering how your daddy issues are holding you back. Her emerging body of work centers around reorienting our relationship to Money, Value and Worthiness.

Angie was a coach before it was the cool thing to sell online, and was raised by mentors and elders who taught her to stay true to the craft. Angie has now wandered her way to thriving as a business owner, guided by her own intuition and no one else’s 6-step-plan.

Today, Angie can be found at the foot of Mount Olympus or exploring the streets of Lisbon. As a fully nomadic spirit, she is at home in the unknown and unpredictable. This makes her the perfect co-pilot for those with wild ambition and the audacity to do things differently.

Her background includes contribution to, and the creation of, an impressive list of innovative, sustainable projects, across a variety of sectors (non-profits, businesses, community organizations, etc).

She’s reinvented herself over and over again, and brings the breadth of this experience to her work as a coach, mentor and guide. You can learn more about Angie Cole and her work at www.UntamingtheWild.com. She also shares wise and witty commentary via her Instagram feed and Medium page.